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We are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all of those involved in the study and treatment of MS by providing our free podcast series, which can be accessed anywhere in the world! Podcast_Logo A

Episode 1


COVID-19 and MS: where are we now and where next?

Listen out for our first triMSAudio podcast; a summary from our latest triMSx webinar, bought to you by Julia Pakpoor and Saúl Reyes.

This podcast reviews and discusses the key highlights and new learnings from the webinar, broadcast on 8 and 9 April 2021.

Discussion topics will cover:

  • Global vaccine development

Vaccine targets, vaccination rates and outcomes in the general population

  • Effect of vaccines on MS

Clinical experience; global data on relationship between DMTs for MS and the severity of COVID-19 infection

  • Management of DMTs and vaccines
  • Vaccine uptake, data collection and countering vaccine hesitancy

The full webinar is available to view here. would like to acknowledge Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany for providing an independent medical education grant for this triMSAudio podcast

Episode 2 and 3


Induction therapy in MS

Listen to episode 2 and episode 3 of our latest triMSAudio podcast on Induction therapy in MS, bought to you by Julia Pakpoor and Nikos Evangelou.

These podcasts review and discuss:

  • The key differences between induction and escalation treatment approaches for people with RRMS
  • The most up-to-date information from published studies on the outcomes and safety of induction therapy regimens in different groups of patients
  • Where there are gaps in knowledge about the benefit-risk of induction therapy compared with escalation therapy in different patients, and how best to manage induction therapy when this approach is chosen
  • Ongoing prospective trials in this area that should provide more information on this important topic in the future would like to acknowledge Teva Pharmaceuticals for providing an independent medical education grant for these triMSAudio podcasts

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