What is triMS.online?

The triMS.online conference is a global, virtual event that recreates an international conference experience by presenting attendees with a fantastic opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest research in the field of MS, but without the expense of travelling!

The programme for each conference focuses on a specific theme and is developed by a diverse, global steering committee based on the latest research and topics of interest for the audience. The programme includes keynote presentations, short talks, sponsored symposia and the opportunity for attendees to participate in a ‘hot topic’ debate with panel discussion, just like a face-to-face conference.

The triMS.online conference team are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all of those involved in the study and treatment of MS by providing an online, user-friendly environment which can be accessed anywhere in the world for free!

triMS.online is a virtual conference experience attended by delegates from all over the world!

TRIM005-ZPD408 World Map of Registrants_Heat Map

The triMS.online conference offers attendees:

  • access to high-quality research updates and materials during the online event and afterwards
  • space to discuss current trends and developments, and to debate controversial topics
  • opportunities to network with colleagues, exchange opinions and learn more about MS
  • the opportunity to submit posters on your research to be displayed in the virtual poster hall
  • free time to explore the poster hall and virtual exhibition booths.