On demand content from the fifth triMS.online conference

Making the invisible visible: understanding the hidden symptoms of MS


Saúl Reyes Niño, Colombia (Chair)


Early signs of cognitive problems in MS: how to identify them

Roberta Lanzillo, Italy

Coping with cognitive symptoms

Lauren Krupp, USA


Live debate

Neuropsychological assessments for MS must offer greater precision than the SDMT and BICAMS to be clinically useful

Saúl Reyes Niño, Colombia (Chair)

Fernando Cáceres, Argentina

Dawn Langdon, UK

BMS sponsored satellite symposium

The emerging use of novel biomarkers in MS

Gavin Giovannoni, UK

Fatigue in MS: impact, challenges and potential solutions

Tiffany Braley, USA

Visualizing hidden progression-related inflammation in the MS brain in vivo

Laura Airas, Finland


Invisible symptoms and quality of life

Ruth Stross, UK

Live debate

'Invisible' symptoms of MS should influence DMT choice

Saúl Reyes Niño, Colombia (Chair)

Sarah Morrow, Canada

Juzar Hooker, Kenya

Merck sponsored satellite symposium

Invisible challenges of MS: lessons from cladribine tablets

Sharmilee Gnanapavan, UK

Dimitrios Karussis, Israel


Teaching session

COVID-19 and vaccination in MS

Gavin Giovannoni, UK



Meeting close

Chair’s closing remarks

Saúl Reyes Niño, Colombia


MS Brain Health: Meet the Expert session

Uncovering the hidden opportunities for MS service improvement

Jeremy Hobart, UK


Merck: Meet the Expert session

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Lessons from Israel

Dimitrios Karussis, Israel